Looking for a lockdown present to yourself? The Road Book are excited to add to our current range of products, the ‘Road Exercise Book’.

Practical and with a splash of Road Book’s essentially quirky data, this book has been designed with the thought of being a cyclist’s or cycling enthusiasts go-to, indispensable stationary accessory.


Classically lined with 96 blank pages, all the details lay beneath the surface. Ned & the team have worked extensively to carefully design a product that will encourage all racing fans to make notes on the upcoming tours, keep a record of some of the most memorable moments of the 2021 racing season, logging your own cycling time trials or simply for noting your day-to-day to-do list.

Encompassed within is a map of some of Europe’s toughest climbs, puzzling for even the nerdiest competitive racing fan, and a complimenting sticker set, casual enough to bring out the inner child in us all…



Other details include unorthodox data sets such as statistics for maximal power output which can be found on the rear cover.

Our lightweight design means this book is portable enough for every cyclists’ adventure. A product normally found on the office desk yet portable enough for the backpack for your cycling endeavours.



Whether this is a present to spoil yourself this winter season, add to your current Road Book collection or simply gift this to a friend during a lonely lockdown period, buy two RB exercise books and gift one to a friend with code ‘buddy15’ at checkout. Simply add two to basket, apply coupon code, and email us with the order confirmation number, recipient name & full address of the recipient.