The Road Book 2020 recounts in full the unique and destructive events which pressed pause on the cycling calendar and the world. From indefinite postponements and cancellations to renewed hope and distraction, the 2020 edition under extreme circumstances has attempted to shine appropriate light on the global threat that threatened the livelihoods and very existence of the sport. These pages are a tribute to a year like no other- a year apart.

This year’s almanack presents a unique chance to add to a collection with an edition that more than any other will serve as a reminder of what we will never take for granted again. 


Race reports • Infographics & statistics The finest cycling writers
Edited by Ned Boulting


  • Winners Words from Anna van der Breggen, Tao Geoghegan Hart and Wout van Aert.
  • Max Leonard- “War, Illness and Not-Racing”- Recounts the history of cycling and draws comparisons to WWI and WWII to help understand the year of 2020
  • Nic Dlamini- “Capricorn Star”- Details the astonishing violent assault he experienced in his native South Africa at the hands of a park ranger.
  • Richard Williams- “Children of the Summer’s Ends”- explores just how the Tour de France did go ahead, against the backdrop of a country preparing for a second lockdown
  • Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio- “Racing Between Realities”- How COVID pandemic allowed the world of cycling to see what the virtual world had to offer
  • Lukas Knofler- “Return Racing in Romania”- dissects Romania’s Sibiu Cycling Tour, the first category 1 race after the reopening of the cycling calendar
  • Laura Wieslo- “Riding through the Void”- describes how COVID 19 forged a stronger than ever connection between pro cyclists and bicycle riders around the world
  • William Fotheringham: Chasing Shadows: Remco and Eddy
  • Bert Wagendorp- “The World’s Only Racer”- delves into the violent history of Puerto Montt, the race start of the Gran Premio de la Patagonia 2020 edition
  • Rob Hatch- A distanced TV commentator’s perspective on calling home the most unusual edition of the Giro for generations.
  • Rose Manley- A close study of Annemiek van Vleuten’s astonishing career, which in 2020 took another series of unexpected twists.