The Road Book 2018




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"This was an extraordinary year. But in that regard, it was quite normal..."


  • Tom Southam

    - "The View from the Car: Why modern racing sucks" - Tom Southam explores the stalemate of modern racing and the life of a Directeur Sportif

  • Harry Pearson

    - "Friendless in Flanders: The curious case of Niki Terpstra" - Harry Pearson describes the mystery of Niki Terpstra, his style of racing and the politics behind the dislike from Flanders

  • Chad Haga

    - "Postcards from Israel: Life on the Giro d'Italia" - Chad Haga shares his diary from Giro D’Italia as he supported defending champion Tom Dumoulin

  • Philippa York

    - "Being Number One: Leading from the rear" - Philippa York writes about what it means to be a leader and Geraint Thomas’ Cinderella Story

  • Morten Okbo

    - "From Denmark with Love: What the British need to learn about winning" - Morten Okbo gives his view about what the British need to learn about winning

  • Marianne Vos

    - "So Long, Marianne?: Vos roars back" - Marianne Vos and Helen Pidd on Vos flying back to form and the spectacular return to her winning ways

  • Chris Froome

    - "In the winner's words"

  • Geraint Thomas

    - "In the winner's words"

The Road Book 2018

The Road Book 2018 is the inaugural almanack celebrating the world’s most compelling sport. This landmark publication honours life on two wheels, with an unrivalled collection of exclusive data and infographics from every professional race in the Mens’ and Womens’ calendar, as well as personal insights from experts and riders alike.

With Winners’ Words from both Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas, The Road Book’s Riders of the Year 2018 Awards and a fascinating summary of 2018 by Editor, Ned Boulting, and more. Start your timeless collection of history today, with The Road Book 2018.

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